Bikes Everywhere.

At Plan B we’re always interested in pushing the envelope and creating actual social change as we push for social justice through education and empowerment. To this end, and with the amazing help of our friends and partners, Working Bikes in Chicago (, we have recently received a large shipment of bikes.

What will we do with all of these bikes? We’ll tell you.

We were recently contacted and have met with  M.O.B  Mobilians on Bikes (, a new community bike group based in Mobile, Alabama. Originally a riding group formed about 2 years ago,and they’ve been organizing a new community co-op in Mobile since July, 2012. They’re very motivated and they’re dedication is impressive, so we’ve shared Working Bikes generosity with them. They picked up about 50 bikes and are now working with 15 Place, a day shelter in Mobile offering services to the homeless ( to distribute bikes to the needy, enabling them to have independent transportation. We look forward to co-operating with M.O.B. in the future and supporting them as much as possible.


Regionally, we’re also looking to support other new and established community bike projects. We believe that we can have a great impact on biking in the Gulf South and we’re investigating opportunities in Jackson, MS and Baton Rouge, LA to offer the same kind of support.


Thanks for supporting us y’all! Our reach is expanding beyond the borders of our great city and we have YOU to thank for that!