Connect the Nine Community Bike Ride and Festival on Saturday, March 9th, from 10:30-3pm

The St. Claude Avenue Bridge, which spans the Inner Harbor Navigation Canal and connects the Upper and Lower Ninth Wards, is a hazardous connection for pedestrians and cyclists.  The Bridge is the only reasonable option for residents of the Lower 9th Ward to get across the Industrial Canal to the core of the city.

These life-threatening infrastructure concerns include:

-Extremely narrow, unsafe road conditions for bicyclists

-Poor lighting and safety concerns for walkers

-Lack of signage for all road users to be safe and cautious

-Speeding vehicles and lack of enforcement of speed limit

-Shared bicycle and freight lane, putting bicyclists in direct conflict with large trucks and trailers

Because commerce, jobs, and amenities are concentrated on the Upper 9th Ward side of the Industrial Canal, many residents cross regularly to go to work, buy groceries, or to reach health services.  In fact, 46% of residents who live within a five-mile radius of the bridge don’t own cars, compared with 32% citywide. The only bicycle fatality in the City of New Orleans in 2011 was on the St. Claude Bridge.

The bridge is a key transportation link for bicycle access between bicycle lanes on St. Claude Avenue on both sides of the bridge, and on the Mississippi River Trail.  It is a barrier not only between neighborhoods, but also limits inter-regional and inter-parish transit and economic opportunity.

March 9th Bike Ride & Festival 

We will begin our ride at 10:30 a.m. at the Green Project, (2831 Marais), ride across the St. Claude Avenue Bridge to the Lower 9th Ward, stop at Bonart Playground (Forstall and Marais) to meet up with members of the media; the Make It Right houses; and Bayou Bienvenue (Florida at Caffin) before ending at the Lower 9th Ward Village (1001 Charbonnet) for a community festival!

The community festival will offer:

  • “Bicycle Basics” community education workshop
  • Basic bicycle repair station
  • Connect the 9 petition signing
  • Healthy food and beverages
  • Community tabling opportunities
  • Bicycle light giveaway
  • Personal stories photo/video booth

If you’re local and plan to attend, visit for more information and a route map.  To learn more about the Community Bicycle Workshop, visit, or email to RSVP.