Holidays By Bike

All ages ride bikes

Hey all, Christmas is FINALLY done, and if you were lucky enough to receive a fancy new bike this year, how about donating your old ride to Plan B? We’ll take it in any condition and put it to good use! Furthermore, your donation is tax deductible and you’ll be helping us keep bikes out of the landfill. We will happily arrange a pick up time if you’d rather not schlep all the way down to Elysian Fields during our open hours to do your good deed. Just call us or email to make arrangements.

FYI Plan B has been active in giving away bikes to those in need. Right now we’ve got an elderly lady in lower St. Bernard parish who IS STILL LIVING IN HER FEMA TRAILER. She just finished gutting her home and she needs reliable, short range transportation and we’re arranging to bring her a solid, upright cruiser over the next few days. When we get contacted by accredited agencies and because of YOUR generosity, we’re able to pull of shenanigans like this and we KNOW that our system is working. Thanks, y’all.All ages ride bikes