Closed July 4th

Hey y’all, we’ll be closed Thursday July 4th. Apparently there’s some sort of holiday going on involving fireworks and hot dogs.  Sounds complicated.

Closed Memorial Day.

HEY FOLKS! Plan B will be closed for Memorial Day tomorrow, May 27th. Our next regular Open Workshop will be Thursday May 30th from 4pm-8pm.

Plan B Summer Camp!

Well, not really. But we are going to host a DAYTIME Build A Bike class to see how it goes. Now you can make it through the class in a week! Classes will be held from 1pm-4pm Mon-Thu May 27th-30th. Please email to reserve and check out for more info!

Plan B gives back.

Hey y’all. Please join us this Saturday, April 13th during our Open Workshop shift from 11am-3pm. All donations during this shift will go directly to one of our volunteers who is trying to make it back home to Key Largo, FL. It’s an interesting story.

This volunteer came to us a few months ago and his efforts and commitment to our community have been almost as outstanding as his incredible journey here. He has done so much to help us over the past few months that we are reaching out to all of you to help him on his journey.

In October of last year, he was living in Maryland and heard that his mother, a New Orleanian, had taken ill. Having been out of work yet determined to see his mother, he decided to ride a bike here. He arrived in late November just a few short days after his mother’s passing. What’s problematic is that with no other family here, he became homeless. Despite this dire  situation, our friend took to homelessness with the utmost resourcefulness. In January, in need of transportation after his bike got stolen, he heard about Plan B from other members of the homeless community and completed an Earn-A-Bike program. Since then, he’s always at Plan B whenever we’re open and is always committed to helping. His commitment is amazing and in his own words, “It gives me something to do”.

Over the months we’ve gotten to know him and everything about him is impressive. He’s a veteran and is one of the humblest, sweetest guys you’ll ever meet. He’s strictly sober and his homelessness is completely situational and is something that could happen to any of us, given the same set of circumstances. (Not to say that any type of homelessness is acceptable, but hopefully you understand where I’m coming from.)  He’s also very reluctant to accept hand-outs or help. He didn’t even want to get Food Stamps, but we recently bullied him into doing so.

It should come as no surprise that living on the streets is hard, but what’s shocking is the number of violent situations, theft, and hard times that the homeless have to deal with. Even when all of his gear and his bike was stolen, he handled it with a positive attitude and just kept going and showing up to help out. In a conversation with him a few nights ago, we discovered that he had a place to go to in Key Largo, Florida. We offered to help him raise funds to take a bus or a train there. He said he would think about it. He came back to us and told us that he wants to ride his bike there and use the trailer he constructed at Plan B. This is our effort to help him accomplish that admirable goal.

We asked him to write a wish list of supplies for his journey. In addition to this, we’ll be raising funds for his journey and supplying him with as much extra bike gear as we can. If you happen to have any of this laying around or can help out in anyway, please get in touch. You can do this by emailing or calling 504-272-7266. Of course, you can always drop off anything at Plan B and we’ll make sure he gets it. In fact, he’ll probably thank you himself. We’re respecting his wishes to not make his name public on the internet, so if you’d like to meet him, just stop by. Here’s the list:

-Travel Backpack

-2 man tent

-8 x 10 tarp

-Camp cooker set (ie pots, cup, plate, skillet) and utensils

-Collapsible fishing rod and reel

-Fishing line and hooks

-Ropes (three different sizes)


-Survival knife

-Flashlight and batteries

-Soap, shampoo, and deodorant

-First Aid kit/Snakebite kit

-Sleeping bag

That’s about it. Think you can help out? Please let us know or stop by on Saturday. Thanks so much y’all!

Monday, March 18th

Hey folks, we had to re-arrange our schedule a bit this week. Tomorrow, Monday, March 18th we’ll be open for sales only until 9pm as we have a class scheduled in the workshop. (No Open Workshop) We’re sorry for this inconsistency, but we had to shuffle things so we could do this event on Tuesday. Please join us for the bike ride if you can.

Here’s a link to the Facebook event if you want to ride with us on Tuesday.


Connect the Nine Community Bike Ride and Festival on Saturday, March 9th, from 10:30-3pm

The St. Claude Avenue Bridge, which spans the Inner Harbor Navigation Canal and connects the Upper and Lower Ninth Wards, is a hazardous connection for pedestrians and cyclists.  The Bridge is the only reasonable option for residents of the Lower 9th Ward to get across the Industrial Canal to the core of the city.

These life-threatening infrastructure concerns include:

-Extremely narrow, unsafe road conditions for bicyclists

-Poor lighting and safety concerns for walkers

-Lack of signage for all road users to be safe and cautious

-Speeding vehicles and lack of enforcement of speed limit

-Shared bicycle and freight lane, putting bicyclists in direct conflict with large trucks and trailers

Because commerce, jobs, and amenities are concentrated on the Upper 9th Ward side of the Industrial Canal, many residents cross regularly to go to work, buy groceries, or to reach health services.  In fact, 46% of residents who live within a five-mile radius of the bridge don’t own cars, compared with 32% citywide. The only bicycle fatality in the City of New Orleans in 2011 was on the St. Claude Bridge.

The bridge is a key transportation link for bicycle access between bicycle lanes on St. Claude Avenue on both sides of the bridge, and on the Mississippi River Trail.  It is a barrier not only between neighborhoods, but also limits inter-regional and inter-parish transit and economic opportunity.

March 9th Bike Ride & Festival 

We will begin our ride at 10:30 a.m. at the Green Project, (2831 Marais), ride across the St. Claude Avenue Bridge to the Lower 9th Ward, stop at Bonart Playground (Forstall and Marais) to meet up with members of the media; the Make It Right houses; and Bayou Bienvenue (Florida at Caffin) before ending at the Lower 9th Ward Village (1001 Charbonnet) for a community festival!

The community festival will offer:

  • “Bicycle Basics” community education workshop
  • Basic bicycle repair station
  • Connect the 9 petition signing
  • Healthy food and beverages
  • Community tabling opportunities
  • Bicycle light giveaway
  • Personal stories photo/video booth

If you’re local and plan to attend, visit for more information and a route map.  To learn more about the Community Bicycle Workshop, visit, or email to RSVP.

Carnival Closures.

Closed on Thursday Feb 7, 2013. Re-open Thursday, Feb 14th. HAPPY MARDI GRAS!

We don’t rent bikes.

Simple entry. Hopefully this will help. Also, we’ll be closed for a week during Mardi Gras.

Happy Holidays!

Hey y’all, We’ll be closed Saturday December 22nd and Monday, December 24th. We’ll be open from 4pm-8pm on Thursday, December 27th and 11am-3pm on Staurday, December 29th. We’ll also be closed Monday, December 31st. Have a wonderful holiday!

Support Women!

Hey Folks!
Our latest initiative is a little different and for the first time ever, we’re crowd-sourcing the funding. Our Ladies, Trans, and Sissies night coordinators, Tracey and Alisha, are going from LA to L.A. to support the OP’s and b

ring them resources and materials. The reason I’m sending this out and distributing this appeal far and wide (and hoping you all do the same) is that I think for many of us this is an excellent opportunity to contribute to a cause that is greater than any of us and something that’s always been prevalent in our discussions of social equity within the bike world. Specifically, the topic is gender and gender oppression, and no matter how much we discuss it at a conference or try to resolve it, the bluntest truth is that the core of the hard work in achieving gender equity is done by women, for women and while males can certainly be allies and supporters, the best situation is to allow women to be self-determined and invest in their own communities devoid of patriarchy and male voices.Won’t you join us in supporting gender equity and social justice within the realm of community bike projects? Even if it’s $5, anything helps for this important work to be done. The goal of $1000 is on the low side. We’d love to be able to support them fiscally and provide several tools and plant the seeds for this very important space to flourish and cause real change.

Here’s the link to the indiegogo page where you can read more about it.