Pre MG Bike Class

We’re announcing what may possibly be the last series of build a bike classes at our current location. Plan B is moving soon, but we’re not completely sure of our move out date, so it’s been somewhat difficult to book classes in advance. We’re not exactly sure where we’re moving to, but if you have any awesome ideas, drop us a line. After this upcoming class, our next potential class date (because of Mardi Gras) will not be until mid-March. We may be in the process of moving by then. Because of this, we’ve squeezed in one more class next week. The class dates will be Tuesday and Wednesday, February 11th and 12th and we will also have class on Tuesday, February 18th.

For clarity, class is Tuesday and Wednesday, Feb. 11th and 12th and a third day of class on the following Tuesday, Feb 18th.

There will be no class on Feb 14th, Valentine’s day.

If this class interests you and you are available to attend, please confirm via email ( ) at your earliest convenience. We’ll then send you a Paypal invoice to confirm the class. FYI, The classes fill up rather quickly.