Soft Re-opening this Monday.


Since we left the Ark last month, Plan B volunteers have been hard at work preparing our new space at 1024 Elysian Fields. We’ve put a lot of time and effort into this smaller space to make it just as functional as the space we left last month. Leaving a space you’ve been in for over a decade is a daunting effort, but with the help of the community and so many wonderful supporters we were able to get it done.

Our new space is wonderful. We’re at 1024 Elysian Fields at the back of the building (just down the driveway) and we now share a space with the Lambda Center and with BikeEasy, two great organizations. We couldn’t be luckier! The Lambda Center provides meetings and 12 step programs for those in recovery and Bike Easy is The New Orleans Metro Bike Coalition, which advocates for increased bicycle awareness, infrastructure, and legislative support in New Orleans. Please support them and join if you can. The work they’ve done to help New Orleans cyclists over the past eight years has been nothing short of amazing and they’ve been wonderful in their support for us.

Please watch this space for announcements. If everything goes right we’ll be opening our doors for our first Open Workshop in our new space on Monday, December 12th, 2011 at 5pm. That means we will re-open exactly one month after we shut down at the old location. Not too shabby for having to build out a whole new space! Please keep in mind that this is a “soft” opening and we’ll still be working out some kinks. Please expect our official re-opening and kick-off party in January 2012.

Use of tools and stand time is free, and we encourage you to use recycled parts, which are available for a nominal fee, but please be aware that we may impose time limits in our limited number of stands for each user based on demand on any given day in order to give everyone a chance to work on their project, so if you have a large project to undertake, it may be best to try to come in when we’re not as busy (early on Saturday or later on Monday or Thursday) or consider enrolling in the Build A Bike class for a complete bike build with step-by-step guidance.