St. Claude Night Market

This Saturday, October 10th at 6pm we’ll be at the St. Claude Night Market on the corner of St. Claude and Independence in the 9th ward. We’ll be there ready to assist you with any minor repairs/maintenance  issues and we’ll be selling some great bikes, including our new Roadsters. What are Roadsters? Roadsters are carefully selected vintage frames that are completely overhauled, converted to single speed, and equipped with upright bars, and furnished with new wheels, tires, chains, pedals, and saddles. They come with either a coaster brake wheel or new hand brakes and are great for commuting or NOLA urban cycling. Best of all, purchasing one of these bikes will support Plan B’s ongoing programs such as Open Workshop and Build A Bike. Also, the original parts we harvest from the bikes will go straight back into those same programs, providing the most direct “re-cycling” possible.

Please come see us this Saturday night!