Support Women!

Hey Folks!
Our latest initiative is a little different and for the first time ever, we’re crowd-sourcing the funding. Our Ladies, Trans, and Sissies night coordinators, Tracey and Alisha, are going from LA to L.A. to support the OP’s and b

ring them resources and materials. The reason I’m sending this out and distributing this appeal far and wide (and hoping you all do the same) is that I think for many of us this is an excellent opportunity to contribute to a cause that is greater than any of us and something that’s always been prevalent in our discussions of social equity within the bike world. Specifically, the topic is gender and gender oppression, and no matter how much we discuss it at a conference or try to resolve it, the bluntest truth is that the core of the hard work in achieving gender equity is done by women, for women and while males can certainly be allies and supporters, the best situation is to allow women to be self-determined and invest in their own communities devoid of patriarchy and male voices.Won’t you join us in supporting gender equity and social justice within the realm of community bike projects? Even if it’s $5, anything helps for this important work to be done. The goal of $1000 is on the low side. We’d love to be able to support them fiscally and provide several tools and plant the seeds for this very important space to flourish and cause real change.

Here’s the link to the indiegogo page where you can read more about it.