Being a community resource, Plan B always welcomes new volunteers regardless of skill level. In fact, volunteering is the best way to learn bike repair skills at your own pace and we welcome everyone from the lycra-clad high-end gear fanatic to the bike delivery gal-next-door to the person that’s never even ridden a bike. Don’t worry, there’s plenty of fun to be had and we all learn from each other; that’s the way it works. Remember, we’re The New Orleans Community Bike Project and diversity is something we prize, just like the wonderful city we’re in. Please contact us for further information and be sure to tell us a little about yourself, including contact info!



We love bikes and bike parts! By donating your bike and/or parts to Plan B, you’re keeping it from the landfill and helping someone else have a green and healthy form of transportation. Even better than that, you’re helping someone else learn about bikes and helping empowerment happen! What could be better than that? You can drop off material donations during our open hours or if you prefer we can arrange for pick up at your location. Because we’re a non-profit, we can also offer you a receipt for tax-deduction purposes. If you have any questions, please contact us; we want to make it as easy as possible for you to donate to us!


Operating Plan B costs money. We pay rent, order parts and supplies, provide snacks for our volunteers and cover accounting and administrative costs. If you’re inclined to help us financially, please do. There are several ways to do this. You can donate money in person at Plan B, send us a check, or just click on the handy little Paypal button below to do it right now via the magic of the internet. Any way you support us, please know that you have our heartfelt appreciation and we offer receipts for cash donations as well.

Special Offer!

Donate $100 or more and we will send/give you a copy of The Chainbreaker Bike Book : A Rough Guide to Bicycle Maintenance by Shelley Jackson and Ethan Clark. This book was written at Plan B and is the best and most straight-forward bike repair book in existence.