Build A Bike Class

Prefer a more structured group learning environment? Consider enrolling in our Build A Bike class. In just 3 classes over a four day span, we go over all of the major bike components and proper tool usage and Plan B volunteers and instructors share knowledge and give advice in a relaxed atmosphere. Best of all, you will re-build an entire bike over the course of the class and have the option of buying it at completion.

How it works

  • We ask people to commit to the 3-class course. We understand that things happen and emergencies arise, but this class has a low capacity and high demand so please do your best to honor your commitment.  Once committed to the class there are no refunds in order to minimize the number of cancellations/no shows. If an emergency arises and the class is missed, the class work can be continued during our regularly scheduled Open Workshops.
  • Classes are 2.5 -3.5 hours long. We dedicate appropriate time to each component. There are 8 major bike components that we cover. We try to make it through 2-3 components per class. The length of each class is flexible because we sometimes run into challenges along the way or people are able to accomplish tasks quicker than expected.
  • Classes are pay what you can. There is a recommended donation of $100 per series of classes, but please give the amount that you can afford. No one will be turned away for lack of funds. Also, we’d like to remind people that for specialized instruction that is offered nowhere else in the gulf south, $100 is an incredible value. Consider the price of a one-hour yoga session compared to our 9+ hours of specialized mechanical instruction, low-density classes, and access to professional tools. Please give what you can to keep this class accessible to everyone, regardless of means.
  • Generally, classes are held Tuesday, Wednesday, and Friday in the evening, starting at 6pm. If you would like to choose a specific bike to work on please arrive 30 minutes early on the first day of class. You are also welcome to bring your own bike, which you will completely overhaul. Class availability is stated at the end of this page.
  • If you choose a bike from us, our bikes as sold as “Projects” and priced accordingly. Generally, bike projects range in cost from $40-$80 depending on the condition, style, and quality of bike. Some bikes may cost more or less than this, but 90% of our stock falls within this price range. Most of our bikes are American-built steel road bikes, cruisers, and mixties originally manufactured sometime between the 1960’s and 1990’s. Bikes Projects will include the cost of the bike plus any used components available at our space. Should you choose to upgrade or add new components such as new tubes, tires, chain, handlebar grips, etc, they are available for purchase at Plan B at moderate rates. New components are purchased in addition to the cost of the bike project. Please be aware that we only stock the most basic of new components (no high-end components).

How to enroll

CLASSES MUST BE RESERVED. (please read carefully) The classes fill up quickly and all three classes must be taken in order. Please check calendar at the bottom of this page for class availability before contacting us.  In order to reserve a class please send an email to including name, phone number, and desired start date . You will receive confirmation by direct contact from the person organizing those classes. We will also send you a Paypal invoice asking for payment for the classes. Don’t do Paypal or need financial aid? Don’t worry,  contact us and we’ll work with you. We have limited class space. Again, once committed to the class there are no refunds in order to minimize the number of cancellations/no shows. If an emergency arises and the class is missed, the class work can be continued during our regularly scheduled Open Workshops.

What you will learn

  • Names of bike components, parts and tools.
  • How to overhaul a bottom bracket.
  • How to overhaul and maintain brakes, derailleurs and cabling.
  • How to repair and overhaul wheel hubs as well as wheel truing (straightening).
  • How to repair and overhaul your headset (steerer tube, fork and shaft).
  • How to check for frame damage.
  • Drivetrain, chain and cranks.
  • General bike maintenance and flat repair.
  • …and way too many more to mention.

Almost 200 people have taken the class over the past year. While the class was in the “incubator” mode we figured out a lot of things that worked and a lot of things that didn’t. We knew that we wanted to make the course two weeks long and that means cramming a lot of information in…another reason for the long-ish classes. Well, we finally have it down and we’re pretty proud of it. Anyone can do this and walk away with an understanding of bike repair and maintenance.
Don’t be shy, try it out!


If you email us, please be patient. We will respond, it may take us a few days.


Class will be held Tuesday, Wednesday, and then the following Tuesday. Feb 11th, 12th, and 18th all at 6pm.
Please make sure you can attend all classes before registering.
NO FRIDAY CLASS! (Valentine’s Day) (I like being married and would like to keep it that way.)

PLAN B DAY CAMP! Daytime Build-A-Bike Classes

Please send email to inquire about day class availability and one-on-one (private) bike mechanics courses.