Ladies, Trans, Sissy.

LTS is a night reserved primarily for women and by women held on the first and third Friday of each month from 5pm-8pm.

Because mechanical environments are traditionally male dominated, we provide a weekly night where women and others that don’t fit under the traditional “dude” description can comfortably learn from each other. Ideally, we would love it if our space were always free of this insidiously repressive behavior and that’s a goal we’re constantly striving towards. However, until that day comes, we will provide a time and space where people will be asked to leave if they express this type of behavior. Please keep in mind that this night is reserved for women and transpeople. We’re loosening the terms of this by adding the word “Sissy” because we realize that there are many male-gendered people that also identify as “sissies” within New Orleans culture while not identifying as trans, yet still experience the same oppression in mechanical and educational environments. Please keep in mind that anyone exhibiting domineering or oppressive behavior will be asked to leave, immediately. Also, this is not a license for “dudes” to come in under the guise of queerness.

It’s not a gender we’re battling, it’s a behavior. Furthermore it’s a behavior that seriously impacts people and our culture. Please don’t try to come in or make stupid remarks about “putting on a dress”. Seriously, we’ve heard it all before and these are exactly the kind of attitudes we’re battling by providing this type of night.