Open Workshop

Open Workshop hours are the Shop Hours listed at left.

Open Workshop is pretty simple. We provide a bike garage stocked with tools, parts, and advisory mechanics and you come in and do the work. When you come in, you’ll be asked to sign in and you will be assigned a stand/bike repair space and a set of basic tools. After you set up your bike in the stand, feel free to ask any of our mechanics for instruction or advice on how to accomplish your goals whether it’s fixing a loose pedal or overhauling your braking system or even building up bike from scratch starting with a frame that we can provide. Also, if you need to use any of our bike-specific or more complex (expensive) tools, just ask! We’ll provide instruction on proper tool usage and lend it to you. All we ask is that you return it when you’re done.

Use of tools and stand time is free, and we encourage you to use recycled parts, which are available for a nominal fee, but please be aware that we may impose time limits in our limited number of stands for each user based on demand on any given day in order to give everyone a chance to work on their project, so if you have a large project to undertake, it may be best to try to come in when we’re not as busy (early on Saturday or later on Monday or Thursday) or consider enrolling in the Build A Bike class for a complete bike build with step-by-step guidance.